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Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC – Main Downtown LA Offices[/caption] Highland Park makes up a major part of Northeast Los Angeles. In fact, it is one of the first five subdivisions of the area. While this part of the city is outside of downtown, it carries with it much of the city’s history and influence on the wider area. On top of this, It is a growing and diverse part of the city. It is also part of our ongoing series on the city and its history.

Seeking a New Direction in the Future

Overall, this is a growing area with about 60,000 residents in a relatively small area. As a matter of fact, this area is just about 3 square miles. This leads to one of the highest population densities in the whole city, of about 16000 per square mile. It is a relatively young part of the city with an average age of about 28 years old and is very diverse. It winds up being about 70% Latino with a variety of other ethnic groups. Over half of the people in this area were born abroad, with over half of those born in Mexico, the district has about an average annual income of approximately $45,000. There was also a very high proportion of never-married men and some single-parent households. It is nearby the San Rafael Hills and along the Arroyo Seco. It is near California Route 110 and York Boulevard and Figueroa Street as well. This article about Highland Park is one of many in our ongoing series regarding the long and storied history of the Greater Los Angeles area. If you would like to contribute or have any ideas, please make sure to drop us a line and send us an email. We are looking forward to your feedback and writing more about this beloved area. Driving Directions to Ehline Law Firm from Highland Park. Drive 30 min (7.0 miles) via N Figueroa St from Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Head northeast on Mt Angelus Dr toward York Blvd 16 s (174 ft)
  • Take N Figueroa St to Workman St 12 min (3.2 mi)
  • Use any lane to turn left onto Workman St 2 min (0.4 mi)
  • Continue on N Broadway.
  • Take N Spring St and N Grand Ave to W 5th St 15 min (3.3 mi)

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