Koreatown – A Changing LA City

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC – Main Downtown LA Offices[/caption] Koreatown is one of the fastest-growing parts of Los Angeles. Like Hollywood, it is also one that is growing in stature in the city. Koreatown is a neighborhood within the central part of the city around 8th Street. Koreans began coming to the city in larger and larger numbers starting in the 1960s. Many of the Koreans within the city revitalized the area and made it into a major center of culture and is one of the major centers of immigrants in the city.

Koreatown is Changing So Many Different Ways

As there was a large influx of Korean immigrants, the economy of the area certainly change. Many Korean Americans believe that the 1992 race riots within the city also change their aspects within the city. However, despite the name, Koreatown has a Latino majority. The Korean part of the city also led to a major offspring of different types of food, including Korean BBQ. There are also Korean-inspired taco trucks that travel across the city. Overall, this area has a population of about 125,000 in a tiny to .7 square mile neighborhood. This leaves a total average density of nearly 43,000, the highest in all of the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County as a whole. Koreatown is very diverse with about half of its population being Latino, 33% Asian and the remainder being white, black, and other. The average income is lower than the average within the city, about $31,000. We certainly hope that this article about Koreatown gives you more information about this section of Los Angeles and the cities wider history. if you have any questions or would like us to add or subtract anything from any of these articles please make sure to let us know. Send us an email or drop us a line if you would like to get involved. Driving Directions to Ehline Law Firm from Koreatown.
  • Drive 17 min (4.0 miles) via W 9th St/James M Wood Blvd from Koreatown, LA, CA.
  • Take W 9th St/James M Wood Blvd to W 8th Pl 11 min (2.6 mi)
  • Drive 3 min (1.1 mi)
  • Take S Hope St to S Grand Ave 1 min (0.2 mi)
  • Continue on S Grand Ave. Drive to W 5th St 51 s (0.1 mi)

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