Homelessness in Los Angeles

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC – Main Downtown LA Offices[/caption] Homelessness is not always talked about as much in LA as in other cities, but it is certainly a large and growing issue. Even stranger is that leftist film studios are pervasive. They run homeless people off, rather than feed them. There are many reasons behind homelessness and often some solutions. However, for the growing city, the answers are often hard to come by. We’ll take a look at some of the major causes and effects of the problem and what might happen next.

Big Jump in LA Homeless Numbers Over the Last Year?

In fact, the LA Times reported in 2017 that over the previous year, the number of homeless expanded by almost a quarter! Homelessness increased across LA County, but especially in certain areas. In some, like the South Bay, the overall number increased by just 4%. However, in Antelope Valley and East LA, it increased over 50%! Others, like in the LA Metro area and the San Gabriel Valley, the total number increased about 30%. All of these resulted in a massive shift in resources and perceptions about homelessness in Southern California. In particular, there were vast increases in homelessness across many age groups. Except for the age bracket of 62+, there were significant jumps everywhere. This included an increase of 41% for those under 18, 22% for those between 25-54 and an astonishing 64% increase for those between 18-24. What police and city officials are finding is that not all of the young homeless are always poor. In fact, some come from rich or middle-class families in search of a new life. The vast majority– 68% of them are male, and the gender gap is growing. Overall there was an increase of 23% of homeless using makeshift shelters and 50% of those living in cars. Overall, there are almost 5,000 homeless veterans in Los Angeles on a given night. This is a major shame. This is a 57% increase over the 2016 total of about 3,000. What are the Driving Directions to Ehline Law Firm from East LA? Travel 26 min (7.9 miles) via I-5 N and US-101 N from East Los Angeles, California.
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