The Hollywood Sign is likely the Most Recognizable Part of the City of LA

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC – Main Downtown LA Offices[/caption] The Hollywood sign is the number one most recognized part of the city of Los Angeles. Upon the Hollywood Hills, here is a significant icon of American culture, as well as filmmaking. The sign itself has a long history, surprisingly about a century-long and is instantly known across the United States. It is yet another one of our articles and our ongoing series on the history of Los Angeles

So Famous and Part of the Fabric of LA

The original sign, created in 1923 spelled Hollywoodland initially. Unfortunately, today it only spells out Hollywood as the last four letters fell off. The original letters are each spelled out in 44 ft tall white capital letters. The overall structure is about 100 yards long. It was initially intended as an advertisement for local real estate development but remained up. Unfortunately, it was also the site of the 1932 suicide of actress Peg Entwhistle. It is seen in all sorts of movies and other features about Los Angeles. Much of the sign fell after deterioration. However, it was rebuilt several times including in the 1940s and the 1970s. It is now fully repaired end was primarily funded through some private donations. The new letters are made of steel supported by Steel columns and intended to last forever. It remains a significant sign of the filmmaking industry and is a famous site for actors and more. We hope that you enjoyed this article in the history of the Hollywood sign and its wider impact on the city of Los Angeles. It is part of our overall feature on the course of the city and the impact of its culture on the United States and beyond. For more information, please send us an email, we look forward to your feedback. Driving Directions to Ehline Law from Hollywood Sign? Drive 29 min (7.6 miles) via N Virgil Ave on CA-110 from the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, CA 90068.
  • Take N Vermont Canyon Rd to Hillhurst Ave 7 min (1.5 mi)
  • Continue on Hillhurst Ave.
  • Take N Virgil Ave, W Temple St, Beverly Blvd and W 1st St to W 5th St 24 min (6.1 mi)
  • Arrive at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. 633 W 5th St #2890, Los Angeles, CA 90071. (213) 596-9642.
Other Point of Interest: Skyzone Fun Park.]]>

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